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Oct 15, 2012 12:00am EDT
family members and loved ones reunited as 70 members of the d.c. national guard returned home to the u.s. they were deployed in afghanistan the past 10 months. fox 5's lauren demarco was there for the welcoming party. >> with technology like skype you have the family members today saying they've been able to keep in fairly regular contact with their loved ones overseas, but nothing compares to seeing them in person safe and sound on american soil. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: michael salas says 10 months is long, but he understands why his dad, sergeant edwin lariano, had to go to afghanistan. >> it's bad because i don't get to see him in person. it's good because he's helping us with our troops. >> reporter: military mom bess lee eagerly awaiting her daughter. she says it's something she's well familiar with as all three of them are u.s. service members. >> that was an option in my house. they were going to go to school because didn't have the time to. not military, i never dreamed of it. >> reporter: the troops arriving at the d.c. armory are among 270 members. they provided security,
Oct 13, 2012 11:30pm EDT
. >> he has the only place in the u.s. you can do this. >> the tigers, by state law, like tony here, can only be with the public until they are 40-pounds. >> and that's with a leash. state law says it's okay for big cats 25-pounds or less to be handled with only a trainer's restraint, but a trainer must be present. and all wildlife shall be exhibited in a manner that prevents injuries to the public and to the animals. but swimming with tony is not cheap. you sign a general release and for $200, you can frolic for 30 minutes in the water on the lawn, or even help out with his bottle feeding. >> tony is a growing boy. he will eat four of these a day. he's only at eight pounds right now, but he'll wind up like his dad, well over a thousand pounds. >> you can swim with a 4-foot gator here, too. >> man versus gator. >> it's just ally, really. >> ali the alligator. her mouth is taped up and you can join her in the pool with a trainer. >> we don't take it to other places. we use our swimming facility here. >> okay. we are just talking about how weird that one was, but different strokes for
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2